Villa Lavaya *

Kalamar, Kalkan
  •  Bedrooms - 7
  •  Bathrooms - 7
  •  Sleeps - 14

Villa Lavaya

Villa Lavaya is our private pool villa located in Kalamar, Kalkan. Ideal for honeymooners, families and groups of friends, our villa has a comfortable and cozy interior design. Since it is in Kalkan and close to the sea, it is located in a peaceful location and close to your daily needs.

Pool Dimensions: Our pool in Villa Lavaya is 15 meters x 4 meters, 1.65 meters deep.

NOTE: Villa Lavaya’s daily pool heating fee is 500 TL.

Deposit Procedure: Our requested deposit fee for Villa Lavaya is 5000 TL. This fee will be allocated by you before your entry and will be allocated back to you when you exit. According to the return conditions of your deposit, there must be no broken, damaged or lost property in the villa during your stay. Otherwise, we will have to allocate the cost of damage, broken or lost property in the villa from your deposit fee. You can pay your deposit payments in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros based on the current exchange rate of the deposit amount.

General note: All of our villas, which are located in nature, are regularly cleaned and sprayed for insects and pests. In our houses, which have a location in nature, insects and so on, compared to the villas in the center. more likely to occur. This note is written in the information of all houses that have a location in nature, not this house.

Due to the geographical location of our region, it consists of settlement units located on very steep mountain slopes. For this reason, there are slope roads and stabilized (earth) roads during transportation to the villas. Apart from the summer months, there may be new villa constructions in the regions. For this reason, there is likely to be noise around. This note is not specific to this house, it is found in all houses that are active in the winter.

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