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Kalkan Friends and Recommendations

Views and Kalkan Peace

Views and Kalkan Peace


Fabulous Kalkan (Luxury Kalkan Rentals) has been a member of Kalkans community for over 15 years now and has got to know alot of the locals and alot of the friendly businesses Kalkan has.

Cuisine & Nightlife

We have made sure to try all 100 restaurants in Kalkan and made sure to be honest and only recommend ones we do feel deserve the recommendation and offer only but the best Turkish food and of course the friendly and family feel.

There are over 100 restaurants in Kalkan, with all kind of foods, usually specialising on the Rustic Turkish Village style too, which of course is why the Turkish food has become more and more popular and become one of our Favourite Cuisines.



IMG-20131018-WA0001One of our favourite restaurants in Kalkan is Escudo being a great family friendly run restaurant, where you will only find only great dishes with great taste, giving you that satisfactied feel at the end of the evening.

We also of course love to party and where best than Mojitos Kalkan were you will find amanzing people, great decor and fab music, don’t go home early or do but remember try out Mojitos first for a quick drink or party Night……..



We have many more recommendations and sister companies.

We also offer a wedding organising service linked to our business being:


Kalkan Weddings    


We also have our own personal photographer who is happy to get involved in anything you may want photography for like weddings, parties, anniversaries, christenings, parties and lots more, look no further but here



Then again if you are a Villa owner and needing some extra tender loving care given to your property look no further as we also can offer builidng maintenance services including, Tiling, Painting, Wallpapering and lots more needed in your house….. Uk or in Kalkan

Property Maintenance


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You Can also find us on Enjoy Kalkan Link

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