Daily Tours


Cruise the blue waters of the Aegean coast on your own private gullet trip around the coastline of Kalkan. Enjoy swimming stops where you will also have the opportunity to snorkel before a BBQ lunch is served on board. If you are a group of people looking for a relaxing peaceful day out then a private gullet trip is definitely for you!

The warm, clear turquoise waters of Turkey offer an abundance of attractions, adventures and opportunities to simply relax without a care amid the sun & sea. Local highlights you can enjoy on a luxury gulet cruise in Turkey include:

Kas is one of Turkey’s most gorgeous fishing, diving and yachting towns. In the vicinity of Kas are more than 50 appealing dive locations, including several sunken wrecks to explore, a gorgeous undersea canyon and the famed underwater shark sculpture by renowned artist Kemal Tufan.

Kekova is a small island of unrivaled natural beauty. Unspoilt coves and bays are almost too numerous to count, perfect places for you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the sea. Activities for the more adventurous include exploring ancient sunken ruins, fishing & diving, and kayak, paddleboard and underwater jet ski excursions.

Kalkan is another small, exquisite fishing town that hosts numerous historic sites, splendid beaches and attractive diving locations. A luxury gulet cruise to Kalkan offers you the opportunity to visit ancient locations and explore firsthand the cradle of history.

The key to enjoying your luxury gulet cruise in Turkey is to choose the best day cruise and yacht charter operator. Enjoy the tranquility of the azure seas, romance amid scenic bays and coves, underwater adventures and thrilling glimpses of ancient historical sites. Boat Trip Turkey is your gateway to the splendors that luxury boating has to offer.


Why not hire out your own fishing boat with your own Guide/Fisherman to teach you the ropes and guide you through a great Fishing Experience in the Seas of Kalkan (06.30-09.30am @ 500 lira per boat), fishing and seeing all kinds of fish like: bivalves/molluscs including mussels, oysters, octopus, cuttlefish and squid. Then we have cnidarians, flower like in appearance, with tentacles to trap their food – these include anemones, jellyfish and corals.

We also find common crustaceans including crabs, lobsters, prawns and shrimps, together with many types of sea urchins, sea cucumbers and although fewer in number these days, sponges.

Fish are plentiful – blennies, cardinal fish, conger eels, damsel fish, garfish, groupers, lizard fish, moray eels, parrot fish, picarel, sea bream, skates and rays, red mullet, flying fish and scorpion fish. Oil rich fish include barracuda and tuna. Sharks are very rare – they prefer deeper waters, but the Mediterranean does have them.

But what really fascinate many people are the local turtles (reptiles), and the mammals of the sea – and near Kalkan that means dolphins, seals and on rare occasions, whales.

ADDA Tours Excursions

We start this tour at approximately 5pm. First we take you to Bezirgan Village, where you will visit a traditional village and storehouses, mosque, and drink tea with the locals in a village tea house. From here we will take you to Islamlar which is famous for its fresh trout and spectacular views over Kalkan where we will have dinner. (Dinner included, drinks extra)
This is an excursion tailor made for those of you who love to shop, or maybe you just have lots of gifts to buy! We start the day at the Gold Centre, where as well as buying some fantastic jewellery you can see some of the processes that go into making it. Then move on to biggest market in the region. We stop in Fethiye market where you will be able to pick up some great bargains. Then we visit the old Greek town of Kayakoy where you can explore the church and houses of the village now famous in the Louis de Berniere book ‘Birds without Wings’. Lunch is served in these surroundings. Afterwards we make our way down to Oludeniz, Turkey’s most photographed beach. Here you can soak up the sun or spend some time in the Turkish bath (extra). On the way back to Kalkan we stop in a Turkish delight factory. (Lunch included, drinks and Oludeniz entrance fee extra)
First we drive 45 minutes to Saklikent canyon and afterwards you can explore the Canyon itself, which is great fun. Then we drive to CWA where you can learn about the history of the famous Turkish carpet and see an array of fantastic examples. We then stop for lunch in Yakapark (trout farm) after lunch we visit the ruins of Tlos which is the oldest and longest settlement in Lycia. We visit the theatre, Roman baths and rock cut tombs in acropolis. (Lunch included, drinks extrae.
Xanthos – Saklikent Canyon
Visit the capital of Lycia and enjoy stunning views from the ancient city of Xanthos. Yakapark is our lunch stop, the famous trout farm in beautiful surroundings. Escape the heat of the day by walking through the cooling waters of Saklikent – one of the largest gorges in Europe. Visit the Turkish Weavers Association.
Have fun, have dinner under the stars, sleep under the moon and wake up to see the sunrise. Get away from routine and completely relax on our Overnight Cruise (Lunch included, drinks extra)
Anatolian Tour
Take a journey through the high plains of Anatolia to the tranquil waters of the Green Lake at Gombe, passing through Elmalı. Visit a mosque; take a Turkish bath (optional Extra) see the unspoilt Turkey away from the tourist trail.
Dalyan Tour
A rare opportunity to visit the beautiful river resort of Dalyan. Here you can experience the world famous sulphur mudbaths, cruise down the river to the beautiful turtle beach and visit the ancient site of Caunos. BBQ lunch included.
Arycanda & Finike
Visit the largest area of ancient Lycia as believed to be the home of Medusa. Enjoy lunch in a traditional Turkish house.
Kaputas Beach, Camel Stone, Gerenlik Beach, Firnaz Bay, Kalamar Bay
We pick guests with their passports and we start from Kas harbour. 30 minutes trip to Greek harbour. (Only transfers, visa taxes included)

Adventure Tours

Canoe Adventure
An exciting day of sun, fun and nature along the beautiful Xanthos River in our 2 man canoes. No canoeing experience required share an exhilarating day out. Indulge a Mud Bath and change your mind on our Moonlight Boat.
Jeep Safari
This tour is wonderful oppurtunity to see traditional, non-touristic Turkey high in the Taurus Mountains, away fromthe coastal heat. The misty peaks of the great Taurus Mountains, rushing streams and lush greenery offer excellent photo oppurtunities. A great outing for those interested in walking in the postures of the Taurus Mountains highlands and learning about the semi-nomadic way of life that dominates the peaks all summer long.
Horse Riding
We start at 7:30 in the morning and 15:30 in the aftenoon. We take you to Ancient Patara city. After that we take you to the Patara beach along the river. It takes 2.5 hours and we take you to our hotel back.
Discover a whole new world on an underwater adventure for beginners accompanied by instructors and Dive Masters. Amazing, thrilling and exciting. Try it.
TRUCK SAFARI (Sdyma, Pinara, Patara Beach)
We start this day with a visit to Sdyma untouched Lycian ruins. Tea break at the old mosque garden. We drive through he forests and looking towards to Lycian coast. We have lunch in a local restaurant near Pinara and we visit ruins in Pinara ancient city. After Pinara we stop in west side of Patara beach for swimming which is the longest beach of Turkey. (lunch included, drinks extra)
Enjoy an underwater adventure as you explore Turkey’s natural aquarium. See the colourful fish, octopus and maybe a dolphin too. Fully trained staff will ensure that you have a totally memorable experience
Pedalling in the Mediterranean’s crystal clear Turquoise – Blue water of the Kekova Region, land of the Ancient Lycians. Your guide will lead you to the nearly 2000 year old ruins of the sunken city (devasted by an earthquake), submerged Lycian rock-tombs beneath a magical Simena castle and the village and ancient harbour of Ucagiz. (Lunch included, drinks and Simena Castle entrance fee extra)
JEEP SAFARI (Xanthos, Saklikent, Patara Beach)
We start this day with a visit to Xanthos, which was the capital of Lycia and you can see some well preserved ancient ruins. From here we drive on off-road and countryside. Then we stop for lunch in Saklikent Canyon, and afterwards you can explore the Canyon itself, which is great fun. After canyon we stop in west side of Patara beach for swimming which is the longest beach of Turkey. Then we drive back to Kalkan. (Lunch included, drinks extra)
ANATOLIAN TOUR (Jeep Safari to Gömbe and Green Lake)
Take a journey through the high plains of Anatolia with our jeep to the tranquil waters of the green Lake at Gömbe. Visit a mosque; see the unspoilt Turkey away from the tourist trail. Lunch included picnic in a local restaurant. (Lunch included picnic , drinks extra)

Package Tours

Pamukkale & Ephesus ( 2 days Trip )
Take the journey to Pamukkale,Turkey`s most famous mineral spa.The hot calcium saturated waters have created dazzling white sculpted terraces, hence the Turkish name ( Cotton Castle )You will also be able to visit Hierapolis, the famous Roman city .Journey to Ephesus will take you back to ancient times and routes which Saint Paul followed.
Include dinner, guides, A/C coach
The magical region of Cappadocia lies in the midde of the country famed for its amazing moonscape scenery and the Underground cities where people throughout the ages hid from their enemies.Cappadocia also includes early Christian open-air churches in Goreme and Zelve,pottery workshops,the unique fairy chimneys in Urgup valley, vineyards and even famous balloon tours.

Tour Itinerary Tour to Cappadocia available for two nights -three days,three nights-four days and four nights-five days.Tour include visiting Konya home of Whirling Dervishes,Seldjuk Karavanserai and Magic land Cappadocia. We also organize special cave rooms for accomodation.

Include lunch, guides, A/C coach, entrance ticket

Explora the Adventure in Lycia 7 Days
Great week with various activities in Lycia . Many places to see many things to do. The tour includes hotel accommodation in Kalkan also return transfer from Dalaman or Antalya airports. min 4 max 12 person.

Tour Itinerary Transfer day from airport to Kalkan hotel and a brief information meeting in the evening. 1. day- Jeep safari & Saklikent gorge walk. 2. day- River canoeing on the xanthos river. 3. day- Mountain walk from Sinekci observatory to Sutlegen village. 4. day- Sea kayaking at Kekova & the sunken city. 5. day- Horse riding at Patara & exploring the ancient site. 6. day- Free day or optionally Diving & water sports.Include lunch, guides, A/C coach, entrance ticket