Family Finch

Family Finch

Dear Jane,
Arrived home yesterday afternoon, after an absolutely fabulous holiday in your villa. I am very envious of you – you have a lovely home. Everything you need – and more. We ventured out very little, especially in the daytime as the weather was HOT., so we remained at the villa and chilled. We BBQ’d many times, and took great advantage of the Ali Baba takeaway, which was especially good., so we spent most evenings outside in your glorious comfy seating area, few drinks (!) playing cards, and enjoying the ambience your villa allowed. We did venture out in the evenings a few times, and had some very good meals, but we looked forward to getting back and having a midnight swim.
Dali and Matt were extremely helpful, and the transfers were fantastic. Congratulations on your recent marriage, and have a fab reception in August.
We had two cats visit, and only saw your dog once. The black and white cat ‘boo boo’ came round, but was seen off by a very pregnant ginger cat, (I think she is blind in one eye). I think they had been fighting, as the ginger cat was sporting some very nasty cuts. Boo boo had a cut along her nose, but that soon healed. Although we left food out for them, the ginger one was under the impression that Villa Gemelli was her home… I do hope when you return, your boo boo returns also.
Hopefully, some time in the future we may all return to Kalkan, and I would love this to be your home.
Thank you again Jane. And, all the best to you and your family.
Tina, Paul, James and Kelly